Danielle "Bhavya" Winter

All of the prints in this collection started with my photographs of the moon. Through a process of layering and merging, I was able to recapture that moment when I looked to the sky: beyond the sun, within the moon, inside of me.

I come from a family of artists and adventurers. I was born in New Zealand, then nurtured and shaped by New York City, and currently live in Germany. It is a deep bond with Mother India that continually inspires my life and my work.

I recreate moments, landscapes and experiences with my photo art as a way to remain in touch with that which has forever changed my life, and hope to bring joy to others in this process.

Represented here are elements and beings I love dearly. While drawn to the Moon, and opening to Her with a kind of true faith, I discovered my old self falling away with ease. A somatic process with the Moon is reconnecting me with the holy essence of being.